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(vre-âm'-îc node)  The control point connecting a channel's primary and secondary selyn systems.  It is a complex nerve plexus that can doom a channel who does not use it at all to an early death.  It developes complexity with use, connecting the primary and secondary selyn systems and moving selyn between them.  It can be so over-developed that sudden cessation of use can be fatal.  Over-development can doom a channel to an early death.  Mutations continue to change the way this nerve plexus is configured in various sub-mutations. 

See: Levels, Proficiency Ratings

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, ForeverChannels work many years and sacrifice much to gain control of vriamic functions.  Digen says no channel would surrender control of a transfer to an unqualified Gen, as this would risk crippling that function for life.

Vriamic fibrillations brought on by entran.

The control point between primary and secondary selyn transport systems.  Fibrillation --- a disorganized pulsation of currents that could lead to either sudden or slow death.

The vriamic node is located in the chest --- near the heart.  A ganglion. Primary and secondary systems joined at the vriamic node by a sort of electrical inductance.  The two flows of selyn never meet, but they do interact.

In a developed channel, the two systems are so interlocked that he/she dares not let an untrained Donor control a personal transfer.

[Ganglion <noun> --- In anatomy, a ganglion is a biological tissue mass, most commonly a mass of nerve cell bodies.]