The delay of transfer. The state of waiting for transfer. 

The scheduled transfer time is allowed to pass, "denying" the transfer.  This may be done for several kinds of purposes. 

Denial is a practice in Zeor to develop a channel's abilities, and to fine-tune the channel's judgement about his/her own limits as well as to explore the differences in vriamic node performance after different intervals of denial.

Denial is done In-Test, to determine the channel's limits and calculate the channel's current Proficiency Rating, so Controllers can calculate which Donors to assign to the channel and when.

Denial is a tool used by the Modern Tecton to discipline channels, as it is an extremely unpleasant object lesson in the way the Tecton has the power of life or death over channels  just as the old-time Sectuib had over the channels and renSime members of a Householding. 

Denial can be used as a tool of discipline with renSimes too, though it is counterproductive since renSimes have no control, and repeated denial only weakens what little self-control a renSime might have over Need behavior.

In the Interstellar Tecton, the laws and rules governing when and upon whom Denial can be invoked are far more stringent than in the Modern Tecton