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Any transfer of selyn between Gen and Sime that does not result in a Kill. While selyn moves from Gen to sime in the Kill, juncts do not use the term "transfer."

Transfer is specifically the process of moving selyn from a Gen, or from a channel's secondary selyn system, to a renSime so that the renSime does not have to Kill.  The term also covers the process of moving selyn from a Donor to a channel's primary system.

(From House of Zeor Chapter 3)  'a channel of the Householding who would then be able to transfer that selyn to an ordinary sime whose body could not produce it.' And 'collecting selyn from Gens and dispensing it to simes who didn't have the channel's ability to draw slowly enough not to kill.' (Source:  Vocabulary listing, UNTO ZEOR, FOREVER) Transfer:  The process by which the Sime absorbs selyn from the Gen, usually resulting in the Gen's death. -- (while the transfer of selyn from Gen to junct sime can result in death, the term Transfer usually refers to the transfer of selyn that does not result in the death of the Gen. ie; transfer of selyn resulting in death of Gen is called a Kill, the transfer of selyn that does not result in the death of the Gen is called Transfer. The transfer of selyn from sime (channel) to sime (renSime, or channel, is called Transfer)

Channel and Companion. Art by Hannah Shapero

(Source: Index card file. "Transfer" --- letter from Marion Zimmer Bradley to Jacqueline Lichtenberg --- October 3, 1975) Dozens of different modes of transfer --- over the generations every Householding had evolved its own, through trial and error. But the Tecton, as it developed, for excellent and practical reasons, had developed a strict code for transfer. Had been completely divorced from any kind of emotional dependency. "How people can violate their deepest instincts because they are convinced it is for the greater good of other people for whom they feel responsible." ---- Digen