Book Twelve of the Sime~Gen Universe

By Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Unity Calendar Date   -468 Before Unity (established in RenSime)

The multi-generation saga of the founding of the legendary House of Zeor, that began with Rimon Farris's story in First Channel (Sime~Gen, Book Three), continued with the story of Rimon's son, Zeth Farris, in Channel's Destiny (Sime~Gen, Book Five), now culminates with the story of Zeth's son, Del Rimon Farris, in The Farris Channel.


The front cover of The Farris Channel

Also see: Founding 400 for the full list of the 400 members of the Forts who combined to pledge to the firt Sectuib, Del Rimon, and the first Householding, Zeor. this list was compile from the first 400 fans who originally pledge to buy the book in the late 90s


The Villain of this novel is named Clire Farris, and nicknamed Stonedragon, winners of the Name the Villain contest.

Del Rimon (also known as Delri) Farris --- The Farris Channel

Aipensha -- Delri's eldest daughter

Aislinn  -- Fengal's Companion

BanSha -- young boy expecting to become a channel befriends Solamar Grant

Bekka  -- confused with Rebecca called Bekka, leathercraft expert

Bruce -- Del Rimon's Companion

Cody -- child who becomes leader of the Fort's messengers

Dakin -- Tanhara renSime specialist in scheduling the channeling staff

Dayyel -- Bruce's wife, Gen but not a Companion.

Endra  -- Cobbler from Fort Rimon

Eshala  -- one of the Glasil family, a young Gen, works under Cody.

Eskalie  -- one of Del Rimon Farris' Postsyndrome partners after his wife dies

Fengal-- channel, father of Bruce's grandson Wade.  Married to Bruce's daughter Iriela.

Frevven -- cobbler from Fort Hope

Garen  -- Lexy's Companion, Gareth's brother.

Iriela -- Bruce's daughter who presents him with a grandson -- nickname Rella

Jor  -- Jor is Bekka's father, traces ancestry to Fort Freedom, leads Church of the Unity

Kaires -- renSime woman who is an accomplished tracker


Kimra  -- renSime scout from Fort Hope badly gored by a bobcat

Lexy  -- Delri's (Del Rimon's) surviving daughter and his successor

Maigrey  -- Fort Rimon Companion assigned to Xanon, a channel who dislikes Rimon

Marliss -- He had been Aipensha's Companion when she was younger

Melina-- has a baby girl in the house owned by the Glasil family; attended by Rushi and Fengal

Merie  -- Val's Companion

Mhairin -- Melina's baby girl born in the Glasil family house

Oberin ambrov Zeor -- female renSime - second in command of Fort Rimon Defenses

Pearl ambrov Zeor -- renSime woman in charge of keeping the kitchen supplied

Rebecca ambrov Zeor -- Bekka, the older child who has become an expert in judging grades of tanned leather

Rinda  -- Fort Hope Gen woman, retired, elected to represent Fort Hope on the Fort Rimon council.

Shaddyr-- Bekka's mother, direct descendent of Fort Freedom; Church of the Unity adherent

Shani -- channel, wife of Marliss

Sian  -- Master Weaver, renSime, partially paralyzed during a battle

ValerieRose -- "Val" -- female channel -- in charge of scheduling

Wade -- Bruce's new grandson, a channel, son of Iriela, named after Bruce's great-grandfather

Xanon   -- channel from Fort Butte with opinions

Zedros  -- in charge of the laundry, clothing supply, mending operations

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