After about -460 Unity, the term Tecton refers to the organization of Householdings in Nivet Territory --a loose union for mutual support in a politically hostile world. The early Tecton kept two headquarters -one in the East Capital of Nivet and one in the West Capital, Capital itself.

Until Unity, in these two major cities, the Tecton speaks to the junct government of the Territory on behalf of all the Householdings in Nivet.

During the course of Zelerod's Doom the definition of Tecton undergoes a significant change as it becomes the government of two junct Territories (Nivet and Gulf) making treaty with the Gen Territories.

Prior to Unity, to speak for the fiercely sovereign and very scattered Householdings, the Tecton imposes standards of behavior on the member Houses, and the member Houses send representatives to each of the two major centers. The Tecton also maintains communications among the Houses, disaster funds, training schools, and central archives. Funding comes from required membership contributions by the Houses, as well as voluntary contributions by the more affluent Houses such as Zeor.

The Tecton is the organization of channels (and their Donors) which undertakes to provide a satisfying transfer for every Sime in order to prevent them from attacking and Killing any Gens. The Gens donate their selyn to the channels, who give it to the renSimes, who are not able to take selyn directly from Gens without Killing the Gen. Only the channels are able to satisfy their Need for selyn by taking selyn directly from a specifically talented Gen, called a Donor, who trains to donate without endangering him/her self.

The Tecton is the organization dedicated to the furthering of Sime-Gen mutual co-existence through the channels.

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