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Various gestures Simes make with their tentacles.  A form of communication that Simes use.

Simelan includes a great deal of "silent language" - nageric and tentacle gestures without articulating words.  Artistic dance and song presentations rely on Sime grace and "speak" with fingers, tentacles, body, and nager to form poetry for Sime senses. 

(Source:  Index card file labeled FIRST CHANNELRimon tells Del there is "no obligation" involved in postponing paying his debt.  Then holds up his closed fist, ventral tentacles extended.  Del returns the gesture, twining his ventrals around Rimon's for an instant.

A gesture of "tight friendship" -- Rimon takes Del's hands in his, gripping Del's handling tentacles with his own.

(Source:  Index card file, labeled SIME NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION <gesture> -- Unto Zeor, Forever, Third Draft)  A gesture with 3 tentacles = a question

Showing numbers is done with fingers and tentacles:  hand open and 4 tentacles extended is the number 9

A gesture with 2 tentacles:  "Hmmm?" --- Asking for an explanation of something seen (Digen sees Im's nager leap, and inquires.)

Beckoning with one or two tentacles.

A gesture of greeting between a sime and Gen. Art by Eliza Leahy.

Two simes will touch tentacle tips, a Sime and Gen will touch tentacle tip to finger tip in a gesture of greeting.

(Source:  Index card file, labeled SIME NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION <gesture> -- HOUSE OF ZEOR)  A "wait a moment" sign:  one hand held up with tentacles twined.

Evahnee uses "graceful gestures of her tentacles" to embellish her words in explaning (repeating) a sentence for Hugh.

Arriss makes a "complex gesture with four tentacles entwined" and says something that makes her class cheer -- apparently relating to Raul's changeover.

Auctioneer uses tentacle gestures.

Klyd uses a tentacle gesture to point or gesture toward something.

Klyd sits with steepled fingers, tentacles weaving a dance through the spaces.  Sitting with elbows on chair arms, "twining tentacles thoughtfully."

(Source:  Index card file, FIRST CHANNEL)  In Fort Freedom, tentacles should be kept decently sheathed in company -- impolite to zlin people (especially without permission) since they consider it examining the soul.

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