After Unity, Sime Centers are opened, usually one at a time, city by city, spreading systematically from the nearest Sime Territory border into Gen Territory.

These centers could be a free-standing building, acres of land with a few buildings and a fence, or rented space in a more urban area.  The Tecton negotiated for the right to claim such space as Sime Territory where Tecton law prevailed, so Simes did not have to wear retainers on Center property, then paid for the space, and brought staff in to operate there.

The business was first to collect selyn from local Gen donors, and pay for it by the dynopter, and to take charge of all changeover victims.  Channels would have to travel back to Sime Territory to transport collected selyn, giving it to other channels to distribute to renSimes whose taxes paid for the system which eventually eliminated the Kill and the junct lifestyle.

Eventually, the Sime Centers offered medical services to the local Gens, and still later provided the distribution grid for selyn-powered devices such as lights.

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