Entertainment establishment, or bar where shiltpron is played. Simes would get drunk on porstan and shiltpron, and in some establishments Gens would sometimes be brought in, tortured and frightened to heighten the nageric modulations of the Shiltpron and infuse the general ambient with fear and pain
Shiltpron Palour

Shiltpron Parlor. By Eliza Leahy

, raising intil in the patrons.

After Unity, Zhag Paget, non-working channel, and Tonyo Logan, Gen, perform in a small Shiltpron Parlor called Milily's until they are offered work at The Post, a larger establishment that includes gambling rooms as well as entertainment centre and a bar. Tonyo is in control of his nager and is not treated the same as the Gens in palors in junct society pre-unity.

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