Transfer abort. Or a Kill interruption before killbliss. To hear how Shen is pronounced

Shen is the abrupt disruption or complete close of Selyn flow during a transfer caused by a dysfunction in the Gen; creating great physical and psychic pain for the Sime, originating from the Gen.

This may be experienced by the Sime ranging from very real physical and/or psychic pain to nothing at all. Usually, the Gen was experiencing some amount of discomfort which is what caused the shen in the first place. Both should work toward rebalancing their nageric flow and determine whether to continue or reschedule the Transfer. (See also: Abort). 

One of the most common sime expletives. Literally it refers to the shock of interrupted transfer. It exists in six main degrees. In order of increasing intensity they are: shen, shendi, shenoni, shenshay (which refers to transfer abort backlash), shenshi, shenshid. There is a milder degree than pure shen, shuven, and a more intense degree than shenshid, shidoni which refers literally to death by attrition or (or shedoni, which in some dialects refers to execution by attrition) In some societies and at various times in history, shidoni has been the one word never spoken aloud.


Shedoni! Sime being executed by death by attrition. Artwork from: A Companion in Zeor 11, P5 accompanied by Poem "Song of the Captive" by Gail Ray Barton

Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever -- Expletives)

"The shendi-fleckin' Tecton."

"You ought to be shenned and shidded into Attrition!"

"... fleckin' around with one tentacle."


"Shidoni-be-flayed."      (adjective)

"Shendi-flamed shiltpron."   (adjective)

"Shen-shid!" --- an exclamation.

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