Appears in: House of Zeor

Large band of sime raiders led by Runzi, cousin to Andle and are responsible for kidnapping Aisha, and eventually Klyd and Hugh.

Also known simply as Runzi and as Runzi's Raiders.

(Source:  Index card fileHouse of Zeor)  Also called Runzi's Raiders.  Led by Andle's cousin.  Operate near Hanrahan Pass. Have a distinctive type whip with inlaid handle.  Wear a red uniform with red cloak.  Licensed raiders.

Have the reputation of being the most sadistic of licensed raiders.  Consider channels lesser creatures than Gens.  Gens are animals to be used.  A channel is a pervert who seduces others into perversion.  Make an object lesson out of any channels they catch.

Believe Householders are cowards because they don't go armed.

Have excellent horses --- some of the best Hugh has ever seen.

Keep watch on "Shrines of the Starred Cross."

Hypnotically conditioned against revealing the position of their main camp. 

Military tactics. See page on Military Concerns (Culture). Not "spit and polish" but discipline stiffer than any Hugh has ever seen.

Have "Runzi symbols" inscribed over an archway leading into the camp.  The camp is a large flat clearing at the foot of a granite cliff --- two rows of temporary buildings (barracks) before them.  Stables and administration complex to the left.  To the right:  rows of close packed cages.  Organized for "sweeps" -- very military seeming.

Cages:  6-part, each about 8 feet square, plastic siding, heated.  Metal rough and floor "sanitary,"  offset double rows of bars, trap door in roof.

Camp seemed deserted.  Hugh estimated only 100 Raiders in a camp built for 800 plus.

Security guards with notebooks stationed at archway --- guards were men who all knew their jobs and did them efficiently.  "Professionals harvesting a valuable crop."  "High risk profession" --- treated their Gens well.

Seem to have a frightful "interrogation center" which looks like a hospital operating room --- but isn't --- a row of gas cylinders along one wall.