Book Six of the Sime Gen Universe

By Jacqueline Lichtenberg

An explosive election campaign sets off a dangerous crisis in the strange world of the Simes and Gens. Laneff Farris grew up believing that she had not inherited any of the special talents or strengths of the Farris family mutation. But a storm of politics sweeps her into an underworld where the line between Science and Magic blurs. Which of two men should she follow? Or should she forge a completely new direction, and take the rest of humanity with her?

The cover for the re-print of renSime


Original front and back covers for renSime


Azevedo - A "gypsy" channel from Rathor who attended the funeral of Digen Ryan Farris.

Becket - Living with the Distect and asked to set the dogs on watch.

Bianka - Bianka tested Laneff so she could be paired with a Gen.

Callen - An elderly Sime who greeted Yuan and Laneff when they landed the stolen helicopter.

Desha - A very young Gypsy woman.

Fay Ravitch - A childhood friend of Laneff.

Jarmi - A young Distect Gen who wants to be a transfer mate.

Laneff Farris ambrov Sat'htine - A Farris renSime, and was believed to be a potential Donor based on her Prenatal Selyn Draw.

Milins - The neighbor family to the Ravitch Family.

Nen - Bianka's Companion (Donor), in Yuan's underground Distect.

Odeah Polk - A Diet copter pilot.

Shanlun – Trained Companion

Tansy Farris - The daughter of Laneff and Shanlun.

Tanya - A friend of Jarmi.

Thereda - A woman who Laneff met when she was taken to the Distect.

Yuan Sirat Tiernan - First Order Donor in the Tecton's scale, and Sosectu in Rior in the Distect.

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