A monument that was the centre of every Householding that had on it the names of all those who had given their lives in the cause of Sime/Gen Unity.

From: Unto Zeor, Forever, Ch 7:  'There was only one room on this level, the Memorial to the One Billion. Every Householding had been built around such a room,”...a remembrance of the countless millions who had died during the fall of the civilization of the Ancients, during the ensuing Sime~Gen wars, during the thousand years of chaos and darkness of the human spirit.'


Memorial by Eliza Leahy

From: Sime Surgeon ---    '...the Memorial to the One Billion--the billion Gens who had died before Rimon Farris discovered he didn't have to Kill in order to live.'

Source:  Index card file.  Sime Surgeon  Refers to the billion Gens who died before Rimon Farris discovered his channel abilities and that he didn't have to Kill to live.  Householder habit to take personal problems to a Memorial.  Each Householding since Rimon's time had a room set aside for a Memorial --- now each Center had such an insulated area in a sub-basement.  Memorial of neither guilt nor pride, but a sobering reminder:  "Out of death was I born."  Words inscribed in gold on a black marble slab, surrounded by a pool of water.  Small name plates laid in the floor:  names of Gens upon whose death modern civilization was built --- each Householding had its own list and picked the top ten for the Centers to memorialize.

Only light came from an ever-burning small flame by the slab --- "a zone of incandescence" produced by one of the first selyn-consuming devices invented.  Had no use, but became the symbol of a new era of selyn-based technology in a channel-based society.  

Concepts and disciplines had grown up surrounding the Memorials, which became the heart of every Householding, and eventually, the Tecton, became known out-Territory as the sime religion (never known as a thing apart from theology.)

There is a privacy light over the Memorial room door.

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever)  Located in the second sub-basement of the Sime Center.  Every Householding had been built around such a room.  Remembrance of those who died in the collapse of civilization, Sime~Gen Wars, Chaos.

Memorial Hall --- inlaid spiral on the floor, of names of the martyrs of all the Householders, the Tecton and Westfield.  Very empty.  Had a light, but Digen didn't turn it on.  Huge double doors.  Custom for person to be alone ("occupied" light).

The Memorial's pledge:  "Out of Death was I Born --- Unto <name of Householding> forever!"  Digen turned to this when he lost his purpose in life.

Public Memorials --- Digen buried his House in one on the way to Rior

See: Roll of Martyrs