Book Four of the Sime~Gen Universe

By Jacqueline Lichtenberg

The ancient and dangerous secret of the Sime Gen Mutation threatens to topple the ruling dynasty of the House of Zeor. How much torment can one teen girl take before the fate of the world doesn't matter to her anymore? How much psychic power can one young woman handle? What options can she create when she has no options left? And--can love truly conquer all?

The cover of the re-print of Mahogany Trinrose


Original front and back covers of Mahogany Trinrose

Mahogany Trinrose hardcover

Hard copy cover for Mahogany Trinrose


Adenire ambrov Imokalee - Gen reporter from TTI Digen had spotted as a Householder. Pronunciation for Adenire ambrov Imokalee

Aild Ercy Farris - Digen Farris's Daughter and Heir Apparent of Householding Zeor. Prefers to be called Ercy Farris, using Aild when protocol required it. Pronunciation for Aild Ercy Farris

Bett Farris - Digen's older sister. Pronunciation for Bett Farris

Digen Farris – Ercy Farris's father and Sectuib in Zeor.  He is the  Rialite Controller.  His Companion is Imrahan ambrov Imil, who he shares a transfer dependency. Pronunciation for Digen Farris

Ercy Farris - Digen Farris's Daughter and Heir Apparent of Householding Zeor. The name she was more commonly known by. Pronunciation for Ercy Farris

Faron Mandrel - Halimer Grant's co-Dean at the College of Channels and sub-Controller of Rialite under Digen. Pronunciation for Faron Mandrel

Halimer Grant – Arrives at Rialite as co-Dean at the College of Channels and is to work with Ercy. Pronunciation for Halimer Grant

Imrahan ambrov Imil - wants to become a member of Householding Zeor. Pronunciation for Imrahan ambrov Imil

Joeslee Teel - a Gypsy girl. The only survivor of her tribe. Pronunciation for Joeslee Teel

Jolaine Farris ambrov Zeor - Cousin to Ercy's Uncle Sels. Pronunciation for Jolaine Farris ambrov Zeor

Jyo ambrov Zeor - Second Order channel. Sarton's daughter. Pronunciation for Jyo ambrov Zeor

Kfarlin ambrov Zeor - TN-2, Second Order Donor and one of the vote counting committee. Pronunciation for Kfarlin ambrov Zeor

Sceneta Farris - Digen's distant cousin. Pronunciation for Sceneta Farris

Treldies - Mayor of Wellway Township, Gartin Territory, near the Rialite school for channels. Pronunciation for Treldies

Yniss ambrov Zeor - Second Order channel. Sarton's wife. Pronunciation for Yniss ambrov Zeor

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