A condition of profound and virtually unbreakable transfer dependency reinforced by both psychological and physical sexual love between a male sime and female Gen who are matchmates. (Also see Orhuen and Torluen)

There is also a story by the title Lortuen by Jacqueline Lichtenberg. It is an "out-take" from the project that eventually produced the novel Unto Zeor, Forever. It is posted for free reading at

(Source:  Index card file.  SIME DICTIONARY)  Pronounced LORE-TYOO-N  --- a condition of profound and virtually unbreakable transfer dependency, reinforced by both a psychological and physical sexual love relationship between a male sime and a female Gen who are matchmates.  Between a female sime and a male Gen the relationship is called Torluen.

(Source:  Index card file.  Sime Surgeon ---  A fierce dependency.  Participants lose control of selves and responsibility --- go from transfer, to post syndrome into sex.

One should obtain a "Lortuen dispensation" before the fact.

Lortuen is the Distect ideal, what they all strive after and dream about.

Tecton people receive conditioning against this --- learn to recognize "Post" and danger signal of sexual excitement in partner (one can feell it) and withdraw.

In a committed Lortuen, no way to avoid pregnancy unless one is sterile.  Both would want it and would do it.

A Lortuen wedding not all that common in Rior --- most people found transfer mates outside of sexual union.

Tecton and Distect forms of Lortuen somehow different.

Lortuen is a channel's functional  --- "the fullest of them all."

Lortuen consummation --- Perfectly balanced fields and resonances -- heightened kinesthetic sensitivity (even duoconscious) --- only release available is sex, carried out only in relation to its effect on the fields, building toward a peak of music-like resonance.  A solidity or stability unlike ordinary Post:  A greater relaxation after each surge in tension --- Ilyana working on Digen.  At end --- wholeness.

Lortuen deathshock.


From early draft Unto, Ambrov Zeor 15, P37 (Imran in fear gas, bright with Selyn and fear, Digen, in Need)

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever --- Third Draft)  "the total physical and psychological dependency of a male and female, sime and Gen, rising out of the dead-perfect resonance peculiar to matchmates and culminating in sexual union."

Frowned on by the Tecton and avoided where possible.  Couple has to come off rotation rolls and be assigned to the same Center --- a headache for a Controller.

Matchmate Gen --- since production rate so nearly equal to consumption rate has more power over sime than any other Gen would have.

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