There are laws that govern Sime Territories and different laws within Gen Territories.  Each City, town and village within each Territory may have local laws.  With the centuries, the uniformity of Law increases but never becomes absolutely uniform. 

(Source:  Index card file.  First ChannelKadi came out of Farris' protection when she left his property.  Traders who captured her couldn't sell her to Farris because she had family living on his Farm.

Out-Territory "pre Gen" child is owned by a sime (has papers) --- if he/she changes over, becomes a free citizen of the Territory if they have no debts to indenture you.  If they establish, must be a sime's property, or fair prey for any sime.

A marriage becomes binding when the wife bears the husband a child.

Homesteading:  Good farmland near the border available for anyone willing to clear it and chance out-Territory Gen raids.

Settled places have a sheriff.

Sime who owns a Gen can legally do anything with them --- take them anywhere.  Head tax on Gens collected by tax collector.

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever)  Gens legally entitled to execute any sime found out-Territory without retainers.  A Diplomatic Corps sign makes a room legally Sime Territory where retainers can be removed.

By Tecton law, Digen was required to call for a pick-up squad as soon as he found out someone was in changeover (Thornton's niece).  Duty to have her brought in-Territory.

"The retainer laws were the base and substance of the Sime~Gen Union."  To give Gens the confidence they had to have to associate with simes.  Eventually, it is hoped, this leads to real union.

Under First Contract, Tecton responsible for controlling "asocial behavior" of simes.  Penalty for violation of any Controller's injunction is public death by Attrition.

If Gens give permission, go out and lock door from outside, and post a guard, a channel can give transfer in an emergency out-Territory.

By Tecton law, any woman who bore a child to a Farris -- or any channel -- would receive child support.  This and other such laws regarding channel's sexual behavior eventually lead into the Tecton breeding program that results in freeing enough Third Order channels to staff the Astrogator's Guild.  See Interstellar Tecton.