Kill (capitalized when used as this specific technical term) is the act of taking selyn from a Gen in a way that leads to the Gen's death. In Simelan the word Kill is used exclusively for death by Selyn draw. Any other form of death imposed by one on another is referred to as murder or some other euphemism (wrongful death; termination; etc). (From an explanation from Jacqueline Lichtenberg on the specific use of certain words in the S~G universe). “Kill”: to cause a Gen to die by taking too much selyn or taking the Gen’s selyn too fast. The term 'Kill' is used only for the death caused by selyn movement or drainage.

(Source:  NOTES TO COPYEDITOR / To Kiss or to Kill)   “Kill” is used only to refer to the act of a Sime killing a Gen in the process of obtaining selyn; it is not used to refer to death imposed by any other means. 

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