Appears in: Mahogany Trinrose

Sime - Channel – Female

A QN-3 student was assigned as Ercy's roommate at the Rialite School. Later discovered to be a Tigue.

Joeslee, a Gypsy, has blue eyes, long blonde hair and a tanned complexion and dresses in the gypsy style. Th eonly survivor of her tribe, she fears Halimer Grant because her people could not protect Grant's people who had been in their care.

Joeslee cannot understand why she cannot keep up with the other students and neither can the teachers, until Digen discovers she is a Tigue, another sub-mutation of Sime, as the Farris's are another.. The 'First Year learning and development process that gives the new sime, channel, the flexibility to stretch and strengthen their system, and to go through anti-Kill conditioning, extends to two years for those of the Tigue mutation.

Joeslee and Ercy became good friends and during an experiment to move Ercy's bed through mind power Ercy's uncontrolled endowment caused a fire in the dormitory. While getting peole out of the building Joeslee becomes trapped and is rescued by Ercy, using her endowed abilities. Joeslee is safe but suffers some Psychospacial Disorientation.