A continuation of the Tecton from the Householding days and the Modern Tecton.

The World Tecton takes over responsibility for selyn distribution and supply both to support Sime lives, and to power starship technology and the Beacon system. The Interstellar Tecton distributes selyn among the all the human settled planets and outposts in the galaxy. 

The expanded reach from managing just one planet to the stars requires an unprecedented bureaucratic expansion and the empowering of autonomous units that report to and take orders from a central controller's office.  This method of administration is cumbersome, fraught with errors, and often savages individual lives with bad decisions, but on the whole, it works long enough to entrench humanity in the interstellar community of species.

The key piece of the puzzle that allows this system to function at all is the proliferation of Third Order Channels (QN-3) and Donors (TN-3) to the point where not all channels actually work full time for the Tecton.  The percentage of Gen donors who reach GN-1 levels increases, thus total selyn production increases.  The system develops more capacity than the applications it is responsible for usually require.  During local emergencies, the excess Thirds can be called to duty stations. 

The Tecton policies and practices change throughout its history.

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