Appears in: Unto Zeor, Forever, Mahogany Trinrose

Gen - Donor - Male

TN-14+    First Companion in Imil

Also referred to as Im -- or -- Im'ran

This Gen wants to become a member of Householding Zeor, but, in the process of qualifying, he violates the rules of Zeor to uphold the law of the Tecton.   (Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever

Speaks with an in-Territory accent.  No taller than Digen, but with typical Gen build --- well developed musculature padded out by a healthy layer of body fat.  A fanir.  Sent to work in Alia --- then sent to Orient.  Doesn't like gossip (say anything personal about another.)  About Digen's age, 28.

Trained by his father, a First Order channel.  Has the ability to draw channels to him.  Sometimes his work as a Donor Therapist leads to dependencies --- incident in which Jesse Elkar takes illegal transfer from him, with some dependency, depriving Digen.

"Careful, cool, precise, Im'ran's antidote to the Distect was the Tecton's impersonal standard applied with a tender competence."

Wears Medallion so that his Final Donation will be taken quickly.  Does not want to get "sliced up."  Doesn't think of himself as religious, but considers there is more to reality than just --- this...

Im, Joel and a channel came looking for Digen to tell him he could come back --- channel killed in rock slide --- Im developed underdraw.  Caught shaking plague while called back to Westfield to treat Hayashi.  Left Householding Imil.  Treating sick; refused tracheotomy;  Digen pulled him through using channel's methods (he caught disease) but changed his basal production rate just enough off true and matchmate range -- murders Skip --- takes Digen in Orhuen --- Pledges Zeor.

"Living pulse of the Tecton" --- wanted only to serve those who sacrificed, so much.  Highest ambition to be good enough to pledge Zeor --- wanted to give First Transfer to a Farris channel.  Integrity required him to walk out on his own 4+ Qualification.