The state or "level" of consciousness in which a Sime is aware of only the information coming through the Sime senses. When hyperconscious, a Sime is zlinning the ambient nager, the energy fields of those around him/her, Sime or Gen. Hyperconsciousness is also known as hunting mode (pre-Unity). Also see Hypoconsciousness and Duoconsciousness

The Sime's entire nervous system acts as a kind of antenna, responding to the ambient nager, and the brain assembles that information into a picture of the surroundings.  Thus zlinning is a learned activity, like a baby learns to see.  During the first year after changeover, a Sime spends a lot of time puzzling out the meaning of what is zlinned.

A channel, with two nervous systems responding to the ambient, can zlin finer distinctions, and zlin farther, zlin Low Field Gens at a greater distance.  It is correspondingly harder for a channel to learn to interpret what is zlinned.