Appears in: House of Zeor

SimerenSime – Male

A young Sime who had 'seen the numbers of Zelerod' and wanted to disjunct. He arrived at the halfway house, with his 'Kill' in tow, a sorrowful looking Gen, while Klyd and Hugh were in the dining room. Even though he was in Need, Heshri handed the Gen over and asked Klyd for help.

From: House of Zeor, Ch 4. ...'After a moment, the boy regained his breath. "I promised my mother, on her deathbed, this time I would not Kill. But...can't. Zeor is too far...." With a sudden surge of strength, the Sime tried to lunge to his feet. "Must...." '

(Source:  Index card fileHouse of Zeor)  Just a boy.  "Seemingly fragile shoulders."  Meets Klyd at Halfway House on his way to Zeor --- has promised his mother on her deathbed that he won't Kill again --- terrified of the numbers of Zelerod's Doom but wouldn't have made it to Zeor.

Klyd serves his Need, keeps him overnight, then sends him and Norbom on to Zeor the next day.

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