Honourific title is Sectuib and is the most proficient Channel within the Household.(From House of Zeor Ch 3) '"Such Heads are usually the most skilled channels in the Householding, able to withstand the onslaught of the normal Gen fears."'

In the Distect the Head of Householding is always a Gen and the honourific title is Sosectu, as in Sosectu Hugh of Householding Rior.

Also see pages for Sectiub and Sosectu.   At one point, the Sime~Gen Discussion list members went into detail about the term SECTUIB.  Links to those discussions are here:

(Source:  Index card file, HOUSE OF ZEOR)  Administrative head of a Householding.  The position passes to the finest channel of the Sectuib's family because Zeor has a Farris family that has never failed to produce a Sectuib-heir.  It is not that the position of Sectuib is inherited, but that no one else can displace a Farris because Farris channels have genetic advantages. 

Title of the channel who is Head of Householding.  Customary for the Sectuib to take first donations, as he/she is usually the most skilled channel in the House and best able to withstand Gen fear.  Members personally committed to their Sectuib.  "A loyal donor who would do anything" to see that the Sectuib never suffers Need.  "Sectuib" has no plural.  The Sectuib is empowered to perform marriages.

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever) Sosectu ----  The Gen head of the Rior Householding, equivalent to the Sectuib in other Householdings

Part of the charter from Householding Zeor.

Serves each sime in pledge transfer.

Jean Lorrah wrote in an e-mail, March 17, 2013 regarding the card file notation on "...position passes to the finest channel of the Sectuib's family..."   She says ----  "Not true in Gulf Territory. In Keon and Carre it passes to the best channel in the householding, period. I suspect that is true in most householdings not headed by a Farris or a Tigue (and the law remains on the books at Keon, even though Tigues have no fertility problems). It would be a fatal error to have that rule in a family where channeling ability does not breed true. It would also be a fatal error where the ability DOES breed true, if the current family breeds excellent 4.0 channels, and then somebody not of that family pledges the house and somehow produces a 4+ child who doesn't have a personality flaw preventing leadership. What do they do--toss the new channel out lest s/he challenge the Sectuib's biological heir? Or expect that new channel to sit back and watch a lesser channel get to do all the good stuff even after the old sectuib has died or retired? With a family inheritance law on its books, your average householding risks losing its "real" finest channel along with a bunch of members who will follow the better channel out of the house."