Any of the many tribes of wanderers who refuse to acknowledge Territorial borders, yet keep strictly to themselves. They do not raid in Gen territory, nor claim government supplied Gens in Sime Territory. Their tribal structure, social order and culture are unknown, for outsiders are unwelcome. However some tribes seem to have been friendly with certain Householding for many generations and have been known to trade with those who respect their privacy. Legends of gypsy doings border on sheerest fantasy. In Mahogany Trinrose, the group who were jailed for the crime of witchcraft were gypsies.

(Source: Mahogany Trinrose Prologue) The eighteen gypsies, Simes and Gen mixed, had been held in protective custody when the Mayor had called the nearest Sime Territory authority, namely, Rialite and Digen,but it had taken them three and a half hours to get here. - '"Townsfolk figure they're causing the rain," the Mayor responded. "They're planning to burn them at the stake to stop the rain before it washes the whole town away."

(Source:  Index card file. First Channel)   Syrus has heard of Gens who can control Simes among the gypsies --- he considers it black magic.  Abel Veritt knows legends of Simes and Gens living together among the gypsies, practicing sorcery, has never seen it (mixture) on either side of the border.

Church of the Purity town drove the gypsies away.  "Known" that gypsies indulge in secret practices.  Slina has "seen" a gypsy "heal" a mauled Sime the way Rimon does.  Abel was taught that gypsies still practice Ancient sorcery that destroyed the world.  Kadi thinks of them as people who wander around, keep to themselves, and she has never known them to hurt anyone. 

In later times, it finally becomes known that there are Gypsies (no relation to the peoples called that by Ancients), and there are "Others" who travel among the Gypsies, a separate people the Gypsies shield from outsiders, who call themselves the Company.  See Halimer Grant.