Vagrant and migrant Simes who live a horribly dissipated lifestyle, banded together in order to conquer small Gen towns or caravans and Kill the Gens--not one a month but as often as they can invoke Need in themselves. Becoming jaded on ordinary kills, they begin to seek ever more grotesque means of torturing their victims to produce emotional highs in themselves. They rarely eat, and generally die within five years of changeover. Fortunately, a side effect of their lifestyle is low fertility.

(Source:  Index card file.  First Channel)  "Notorious bands of outlaw Simes who roamed the countryside, taking Gens or whatever else they wanted by force."  Rimon comes across a group --- they had ambushed and overturned a trader's wagon, slit his throat, casually Killed a couple of Gens.  Sickly:  Scrawny, skeletal, skin loose over their bones, "faces wrinkled into masks of old age."  They seldom lived more than 5 years past changeover. 

Lived under constant augmentation, existing entirely on the Kill (no food.)  Most came from Gen Territory.  Observers of Freeband Raider groups couldn't distinguish between the sexes, dressed in rags, unwashed bodies --- addicted to augmentation and hyperconsciousness, not caring what they did to themselves or others. 

Tortured and provoked Gens to fear, taking them in a variety of positions, even though they were not in Need.  Using shiltpron they work themselves up and heighten effects of Gen fear.  Appearance like scarecrows.  A small group attacks Fort Freedom.  They sometimes attack Pens

(Source:  Index card file.  First Channel) 

Freeband Raiders Kill positions:  (1)  Hands grasping breasts, lip-to-lip contact.  (2)  From behiind --- hands on collarbones --- tentacles to the neck --- laterals on the throat, near the jugular --- mouth to nape of neck.

Gens feel more pain, take longer to die.