It was for Founders Day that Ilyana ordered the celebration where Digen played Shiltpron and the members of the Distect, and Rior, Danced and shared their transfers together in the large hall, and many with those other than their usual transfer partners.

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever)  Celebration in the fall, the anniversary of the founding of Rior.  A day for experimenting.  Digen plays the shiltpron.  Holiday in the Distect and at Rior.  All in the settlement get together, walking to the main hall.  There is also a "sing" as part of the celebration, led by the Head of House (with shiltpron.)  The hall is brightly decorated with paper hangings and lights, artistically displayed food in the buffet.

Everyone gets into the dancing and festivities.  Gens use their bodies to modulate the shiltpron field.  Party extends across family lines.  Simes drunk on shiltpron, Gens in control, everyone is safe, no sexual or transfer activities until later in the event when it turns into a selyn/sex orgy.  Song of the founding of Rior --- simple tune --- ends by listing charter members.