Appears in: House of Zeor

renSime – male

MARTYR for Zeor

Found by Hugh Valleroy at the gate of Zeor's wall. His body was covered in lacerations and his tentacles had been cut.

As Hugh knelt over him he gave an important message with his dying breath. (Source: House of Zeor Ch 3) ' He had to bend close to hear the faint whisper of dying breath. "Tell Klyd...Hrel spies for Andle...Aisha...with Runzi...."

(Source:  Index card file.  House of Zeor)  Murdered by Sime Raiders when sent out to find traces of Aisha.  He had been investigating the Iburan Choice Auction.  Carries the message, "Tell ...Hrel spies for Andle... Aisha...with Runzi...."  His name was added to Zeor's roll of martyrs.  Leaves a renSime widow and a 3-year-old-son.'

Hughand Fehelo

"...tell Klyd, Hrel spies for Andle...Aisha with Runzi." Art by Eliza ambrov Halwyn

(Source:  Index card file. "Funeral"  (funerary customs) -- House of Zeor)     Honor of officiating at funeral belongs to Hrel.  

Casket on a bier in center of courtyard, draped with a cloth of Zeor blue. Held at dawn. Whole Householding present.

Hrel stands beside bier dressed in ankle length cloak of Zeor blue embroidered with Zeor symbols, reading from a prepared text.  Klyd also wears blue cloak.  Hrel's name is added to the roll of martyrs --- the reason and manner of his death is stated.  Speech followed by a soft, complicated chant:  "Today is the First Day in the Death Count of Feleho ambrov Zeor."

Casket carried and group follows, out through fields to cemetery.  Cemetery well kept, neat white fence, on a gentle hill, graves in neat rows (they bury their dead).

Martyrs have a 3-lobed marker; others only one lobe.  Zeor's cemetery has about half the markers of 3-lobed variety.

Each mourner put a shovel of dirt over the coffin, then Hrel and Klyd finished.  Widow speaks to Hrel, then leaves.  Then, one by one, each spoke a few words to Klyd, pledged undying loyalty to him ("the pledge" --- apparently a formula), thanked Hrel and left to walk back alone or with small children.  Hrel made the last pledge to Klyd.

Klyd is planning to conduct funerals of Grandfather and Yenava (as Sectuib or as next-of-kin.)

"Count the Days of My Death as I Counted the Days of My Life."