A secondary mutation of channel whose origins are lost in history. The First Channel, Rimon Farris, was the son of a famous Genfarmer, Syrus Farris (See FIRST CHANNEL). In the time of the founding of the House of Zeor, it was noted that, by discarding all the data on the Farris channels, some very useful rules could be generalized from the data on channels. And so the Farrises were recognized as a separate mutation following rules of their own, required to use the surname Farris as a medic-alert designation regardless of whether they were related to Rimon Farris. As the fame of the Householding Farrises spread, others not of that mutant class dropped the use of the Farris surname in self-defense against being mistakenly treated as a Farris, and those of the junct community eliminated the famous Farris surname for fear of being associated with "perverts."

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