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Appears in: Mahogany Trinrose

Child – Female

Digen Farris's Daughter and Heir Apparent of Householding Zeor. Goes through changeover to become a channel. Her full name is Aild Ercy Farris and is sixteen at the time of Mahogany Trinrose, 232 Unity.

[[Endowment (Term)|

Ercy by Eliza Leahy. "Photo reference by Marcus Ranum"


From: Jacqueline Lichtenberg, 2013: Ercy changed over late at 16 natal years old and, as her Endowment erupted, wrought havoc at the First Year Camp, Rialite, then run by her father Digen who was, in the aftermath of the horrors of the Gen Shortage depicted in Unto Zeor, Forever, Technically Junct.

From Mahogany Trinrose, Ch 3: 'Her mother had given her the first name, Aild, usually a man's name, to honor a promise she'd made to her own father. But Ercy had never used the name and thought she never would. Now, however, she signed the form boldly: A. Ercy Farris.'

(Source:  Index card file.  Mahogany Trinrose -- First Draft)  Age 16 at the time of Mahogany Trinrose (152 Unity). Conceived 4 years after the end of Unto Zeor, Forever, when Im and Digen returned to the Tecton.

Digen completely impotent and struggling with remnants of the LortuenBett trying to break her Lortuen for nearly a year, to have a child by a non-Farris channel.  She lost 1/3 of her weight and was deathly ill.  Digen forbade her to try any more and vowed to get an heir himself.  After his next transfer, went to Mora, but was very ill himself.  Digen doesn't expect to ever have another heir.

(Source:  Index card file.  "Aild Ercy Farris" -- Jacqueline Lichtenberg to Karen and Dave L.-- December 26, 1977)  "She becomes the first fully functional ESPER channel (i.e. Endowed) centuries before the world is really able to accept Simes outside their own Territory, let alone the idea that Simes can be even more powerful than they already obviously are."