A physical condition specific to First Order 4+ channels who are not functioning as a channel, therefore are not using their secondary selyn system. The condition can leave the channel sick and in pain, and can be fatal to Farrises, but usually not fatal to other channels.

A malady some channels suffer when prevented from working at channeling selyn. It is characterized by painful cramps and ultimately --in the higher order channels--by total loss of control of internal selyn circulation.

A dysfunctional and painful condition which can occur when a Channel has not worked his/her primary and/or Secondary systems for an extended period of time. (See also: Need & Underdraw)

(Source: Index card file.  House of ZeorGrandfather suffers from entran --- treated by a Companion.  When channel's nerves become accustomed to a load of work, then aren't properly exercised, produces very painful cramps.

Isn't lethal, but its complications can be.

Klyd's symptoms in Imil:  seeming lost in own thoughts, doesn't respond to faint sounds, very scanty appetite, in a daze --- almost unable to focus his eyes. Drenched in sweat, pain in the laterals.

A "blast of hatred" during a function could put Klyd in the hospital for a week.

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever)  Prime nemesis of the Farris channel --- particularly of Digen since his injury --- could induce vriamic malfunctions -- like fibrilations.  A condition set off by not exercising the secondary system vigorously or frequently enough.  A throbbing ache, a gathering of tension at the base of the skull.

An entran seizure ---  muscle spasms and relaxations; throbbing migraine; flash of incredible pain.

Not possible to be post and suffer entran at the same time.

Digen feels he suffers primary system entran.