Appears in: House of Zeor

SimerenSime – Male

One of the models Hugh is drawing for Imil. He is struggling with disjunction. During the prolonged sime-sime transfer position held with Zinter, Enam is triggered into attacking Hugh in Killmode. Enam is an agent of Andle and was set to prove Hugh was not a Companion by Killing him.

(Source:  Index card file.  House of Zeor)  Male renSime, hardly more than a boy.  Classical, angular planes to his face, dark eyes.

Still struggling with disjunction.  Poses with Zinter in the Martessa tableau.  Attacks Hugh in Killmode after Hugh falls on him.  He's Andle's agent in Imil --- Hrel sends this message to Klyd.

He's an enthusiastic young man, a bit overly fond of the women.

High intil early in disjunction process.

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