Gen who donate their selyn to the channel to supply selyn to renSimes.

donors, (small d), are those Gens who donate a small amount of  selyn to the channels each month, which the channels then give to renSimes. The selyn is gleaned from the very upper levels and at such a slow rate that the general order donors feel no sensation at all. donors are a vital part of keeping simes from the Kill.

The junct Territory government taxed juncts to provide each of them a Kill from a Pen Gen once a month.  When the Tecton took over managing selyn distribution, the Pen Gens were freed and paid for their selyn donations each month from renSimes paying taxes to the Tecton.  The Tecton also paid for selyn donated by Gens living out-Territory using the renSime taxpayer money. 

Ratings for donors are: GN-1 - GN-2 - GN-3