In the Tecton, Donors are specially trained Gen who have either a natural or trained ability to give Transfer, provide selyn, directly to a channel.  Donors supply the personal Need of the channel they are assigned to and can feel the sensation of selyn movement within their bodies. The selyn is drawn from varying levels of the Gen's system depending on their selyn capacity and the rate at which the selyn can be safely drawn. Donors work with channels during Healing and during collecting and dispensing selyn, helping control the local selyn fields, and providing medical services to the channel. 

The Tecton Donors have ratings similar to channels. Donor, Technical Class: TN-1 - TN-2 - TN-3 or First Order - Second Order - Third Order

Donors are known for; 'Being able and willing to work with any channel in their range'
Adhering to rules and policies regardless of personal requirements or preferences of themselves, the channels they work with, or the people the channels are working with.

At the time of Unity (year 0 on the Unity Calendar) the Tecton found it logistically necessary to break up all the channel/Companion pairs as the majority of new channels and their Gens were drawn from the junct and/or out-Territory community.  These new pairs were from a wholly different culture than existed within Householdings.

The Tecton invented the title Donor for the new non-Householder Gens who worked with the channels who could be strangers they saw for a few weeks and never saw again.  Some Donors were also Companions in Householdings and bore both titles, learning to work in both styles. 

The difference between Donors and Companions is;  'Donors do Standardized work; Companions do personalized work'    From: Jacqueline Lichtenberg, April 2013

Also see donor (small d donor).

(Source:  Index card file, marked DONORS -- Four-Plus --- Unto Zeor, Forever, Third Draft)  Gens can sense selyn fields, only not the way a Sime does.  Bett is the only one Digen knows who can read selyn fields reliably.  Can suffer underdraw, although it doesn't always happen and can be controlled. 

Masochism:  A trait one couldn't afford in a Donor.  "The Donor is a physician to the channel, applying knowledge to sustain life will maintain a rigid emotional distance.  Emotional closeness between Donor and channel is even more dangerous than between doctor and patient, dangerous in ways I couldn't begin to explain to you --- and illegal, too."  (Digen to Joel Hogan)  A very great temptation..

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