The loosely knit Householdings that espouse the philosophy of Hugh (Valleroy) ambrov Rior and therefore choose only Gens to lead them, called Sosectu not Sectuib.  They believe that in any transfer situation the Gen is responsible for the outcome.

A small underground organization which holds that the Tecton channels perpetuate misery and suffering (not to mention perversion) by preventing renSimes from direct transfer with Gens. The Distect believes only the Gen can be responsible for controlling transfer and protecting his own life. It is criminal to demand self-control from a Sime in Need.

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever Digen thinks of it as a myth.  The Distect was formed when Hugh Valleroy took Rior out of the New Tecton.  "...dedicated to giving every renSime his own Donor, doing away with the channel intermediary."  Out-Territory Gens had been convinced that the Distect had been wiped out, although local officials seemed to know about it. 

Ilyana:  "You think it takes some kind of special skill to go up to a strange sime and just let him --- just passively let him take selyn?  You think it would do the poor sime any good?" -- on Qualifying.

Legend --- any Tecton channel who accepted transfer from a Distect Donor would end up junct.

Shiltpron --- Stirring of Need was a joy to be shared not a torment to be feared.