The Distect had a different culture than the Tecton and the Householdings.  And these are not the only sub-cultures in-Territory.  Many Simes in-Territory survived after fleeing out-Territory, and some didn't become (or stay) Freeband Raiders but joined the town juncts.  Any individual could move across these cultural lines.  The Distect attitude that the Gen and only the Gen is responsible for what happens during a Kill or Transfer situation can be very seductive to a Sime at a certain point in life.  So after Hugh Valleroy formulated the primary philosophy of Rior, any Sime might be drawn into the Distect sphere of influence. 

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever --- Third Draft)  Natural role of the Gen to dominate the sime, "How can anyone date to make laws to regulate transfer!"  Reaction to Provocation Limit Test one of depravity --- a Companion whose safety has depended on his skill, purposely hands over all responsibility to the sime in a terrifying situation --- this is a test of excellence in the Tecton,

An old argument with the Tecton --- it regarded channels as a vital resource;  Distect says people can NOT be regarded as a resource.