Disjunction Crisis marks the end of the disjunction process which can take six or eight months after the final Kill.

A junct must Kill a Gen on average once a month.  The more times a junct has killed, the less chance there is that the junct can disjunct, as there is a window of opportunity of only 12 months during which the Sime's body is growing, changing, maturing, and setting into the adult pattern.  During those 12 very pliable months, the Sime who has Killed can switch to channel's transfer instead of the Kill.  But dissatisfaction mounts with each successive channel's transfer until disjunction crisis occurs where the urge to Kill is maddening.  At that point, one final, free will choice to take channel's transfer can set the pliable young Sime permanently onto wanting and preferring channel's transfer to the Kill.

Such a disjunct Sime always will find the urge to Kill lurking just below the surface.  They aren't as stable as non-juncts, not as trusted, and for many centuries after Unity, not trusted with a license to travel out-Territory without an Escort.  The point where a junct Sime must choose between taking Selyn from a Gen, where the result would mean death to the Gen, or from a Channel. The choice must be a free will choice during hard need.  The junct must turn away from a Gen to the channel to accept transfer instead of seeking a Kill.  The action creates a change in the Sime's nervous system, a change that can be zlinned by a channel, and often by renSimes too, clearly marking the individual as Disjunct.

Disjunction is impossible after first year. (First Year for a Tigue lasts about 24 months).  The future is often bleak and short for a sime who fails disjunction.
Disjunction Crisis

Disjunction Crisis by Eliza Leahy

See also Kill Crisis.