The definition of this office changes over time.

See Companion for a broad overview.

At first, ( -530 Unity) Controller is the volunteer in Fort Freedom who has a knack for logistics and keeps a chalk board of the daily schedule for transfers. 

After the Founding of Householding Zeor, ( - 468 Unity) the term Controller refers to the Householding officer who constructs the transfer, collectorium, dispensary and infirmary schedules of all the channel and Companion pairs within the House.

At Unity, Klyd becomes the first to hold the office of Tecton Controller (which eventually becomes known as the Modern Tecton), responsible for inter-House scheduling as well as dealings with non-Householders on behalf of the Tecton as the Tecton takes over collecting selyn from out-Territory Gens and dispensing selyn to in-Territory renSimes.

(Source:  Index card file. Unto Zeor, Forever --- Third Draft)  Controller transfer assignments must be followed to ensure all channels get what is needed.  Penalty for taking an unauthorized transfer --- a Controller can withhold transfer satisfaction; a Board of 3 Controllers can withhold transfer to within hours of death by attrition, or in really flagrant cases can sentence to death by attrition.

(Source:  Index card file.  Unto Zeor, Forever)  Controller's job to see that the available Donors and channels are used in such a way that no renSime is ever tempted to Kill.

Budgets time for channels to sleep.  Makes therapy and transfer assignments, exact times for transfers, plotted and charted into the future.  Makes channels' duty assignments.  In some cases, authority is questionable, where actions of a higher rated channel (such as Digen) are concerned.  In cases of sensitivity and judgement.

Controllers are ELECTED.

District, Regional and World Controllers.

Official Controller's Injunction --- for controlling asocial (dangerous to Gens in particular) behavior of simes --- penalty for violation is public death by attrition.