A Gen with the special ability, natural and trained, to be able to serve a channel's personal Need. They are able to supply the channel's level of selyn capacity and the speed at which the channel needs to draw the Selyn from the Gen.  Companions work beside channels in collecting and dispensing selyn as well as Healing, helping to manage the local selyn fields and providing medical services to the channel. 

Companions are known for: Being able to work with one specific channel.
Adhering to the general idea and philosophy of their Householding (and sometimes flavored with Householdings they've lived in before), and adjusting all rules and policies on the fly to accommodate their own channel and anyone that channel is working with -- freehand creativity is the hallmark of the Companion but within the philosophy of the Householding

Companions by Janet Trautvetter. From: A Companion in Zeor 5, P30

Companions supply the personal Need of their channel and can feel the sensation of selyn movement within their bodies, often descibing it as a pleaseant sensation. The selyn is drawn from varying levels of the Gen's system depending on their selyn capacity and the rate at which the selyn can be safely drawn.

Companions have ratings similar to channels. The nomenclature became formalized only after unity.  Technical Order: TN-1 - TN-2 - TN-3 or First Order - Second Order - Third Order

Companions and Householding channels adapt their Householdings to optimize the cost to themselves, so they live longer, are healthier (saner) and are more reliable.  Therefore people leave and others join until a Householding is populated with philosophically compatible people.  The necessity for compatibility dissipates after Unity brings other lifestyle options for non-juncts

The Tecton found it logistically necessary to break up all the channel/Companion pairs as the majority of new channels and their Gens were drawn from the junct and/or out-Territory community.  These new pairs were from a wholly different culture than existed within Householdings. Gens working with channels within the Tecton, that were not Householders, were given the title Donor and the relationship with the channels they worked with was different from the relationships the Householding Companions had with their channels.

The difference between Donors and Companions is; 'Donors do Standardized work; Companions do personalized work'

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