A Gen religion which believes that being Sime is God's punishment for sins. The Church of Purity is not a large world- wide organization as churches were in Ancient times.

(Source: Index Card file, labeled FIRST CHANNEL)  Most of the simes at Fort Freedom were members.  "An organization to worship God."  If a child changes over, it's a punishment from God for the parents' wrongs.  Simes are inhuman monsters visited on the Earth because of witches and sorcerers who once tried to control the forces of nature, instead of obeying God's Law. 

(Source:  Index card file labeled HOUSE OF ZEOR)  A Gen organized religion (Out-Territory) virulently anti-sime, preventing a Sime~Gen union.  The following is not directly ascribed to the Church of the Purity:  Belief in the sacredness of the Ancients.  Gens LOOK exactly like Ancients, are the same.  Believe simes are "the evil spawn of the devil sent to destroy the integrity of the un-mutated form of the Ancients.  The Gen's mission in life was to keep the race pure.  Killing Simes is OK because they aren't really people, just vile beings who looked like people when they were children."  Don't think of the double mutation theory.

Gens taught that Simes are devils with superhuman powers, so they are terrified of them.

There is an interview with Jacqueline Lichtenberg by William Long -- Focusing on the fictional "Church of the Purity" in the fanzine A COMPANION IN ZEOR #11 (1994) consisting of questions William posed about the "Church" and Jacqueline's responses to those questions.