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First Order channel as zlinned by another channel. By Eliza Leahy.

sub-mutation. A Sime capable of taking selyn from a Gen without Killing and transferring that selyn to another sime.

A type of Sime able to take selyn from any Gen without Killing and later give that selyn to a Sime to saour'retisfy Need and to prevent the Sime from Killing.

About Channels

Channels have two Selyn Transport Systems, the primary selyn system for storing selyn for their personal useage, and a Secondary Selyn system for storing selyn to be used for transferring donated selyn to a renSime to satisfy Need and prevent that sime from having to Kill a Gen to survive.

Channels are given ratings depending on their Selyn Draw Speed and Secondary Selyn Storage System Capacity. They are: First Order (QN1) - Second Order (QN2) - Third Order (QN3).  Ratings are not a spectrum or matter of judgement on the part of the testing authority.  The order levels are quantized somewhat like the energy levels of an electron in the vicinity of an atom's nucleus.  

The wisdom of the Modern Tecton era is that a renSime is incapable of regulating selyn flow at all and therefore cannot avoid the Kill. By being able to manage the primary and secondary system via the vriamic node, the channel moves selyn from the Gen into the Secondary System, where it can later be transferred to a renSime.

(From Mahogany Trinrose, Chapter 1) 'The channels were the only simes who could take selyn, the energy of life itself, directly from volunteer Gen donors without killing them and then channel it to simes in need. Channels were the backbone of the Tecton, the organization that supervised the selyn delivery system, preventing simes from killing Gens for selyn. And the Donors, the specially trained Gens like Halimer Grant, were the only ones who could serve a channel's personal Need for selyn and survive the experience.'


Channel and Companion. Art by Hannah Shapero

The fanzine, A COMPANION IN ZEOR #13 contains Jacqueline's CHANNEL'S LIFE EXPECTANCY CHART ---

(Source:  Index card file.  Sime Surgeon -- First Order Channels)  Usually work a 20 hour day.  They are more sensitive than Seconds, have a greater selyn storage capacity, shorter recovery time between performing channel functions.  Greater control, precision, speed, capacity.  This also showed in their Proficiency Ratings.  Vast range of ability and requirements among First Order donors and channels.  In the last 20 years, the old 3-Order system had become inadequate.  Tecton instituted proficiency tests.  The Four-Plus designation off the end of the scale carries all kind of privileges including not working -- transfer -- with anyone under 4+.  The Second Order channels were the backbone of the Tecton.   

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