Book Five of the Sime~Gen Universe

By Jacqueline Lichtenberg

The world of the Simes and Gens is teetering on the brink. Zeth Farris reaches adulthood just when things start to fall apart. When he finally understands the audacity of the social engineering experiment that his parents have set in motion, Zeth must build bridges with potential allies to hold the center together. But war comes anyway, and Zeth and his alliance must prevail. The price of failure?--the destruction of his family, his culture, even his world!

The cover of the re-print of Channel's Destiny


Abel Veritt - Leader of the community of Fort Freedom.

Anni Steers - Hank Steers wife who was a member of the Fort Freedom.

Bekka Trent - Went through changeover in Gen Territory.

Bree - One of Slina's workers.

Cord Ashley - One of the secular leaders of Mountain Chapel.

Eph Norton - From Mountain ChapelJ. immy Norton's father.

Hapen Young - Attacked by a raider during the attack on Fort Freedom.

Hope Carson - Daughter of Abel Veritt , and sister to Jord Veritt.

Jimmy Norton - Eph Nortons'a Son.

Jord Veritt - Son of Abel Veritt, brother to Hope Carson and Uncle to Marji Carson.

Kora - A Freeband raider who attacked Fort Freedom and ordered another raider to slaughter Zeth and Owen.

Len Deevan - A good farmer who is apprenticed to Sordal Kent.

Liz Carson - A trained Companion.

Lon Carson - Hope Carson's husband from Mountain Chapel

Maddok Bron - Spiritual leader of Mountain Chapel, on the Gen side of the border from Fort Freedom.

Marji Carson - Comes to Fort Freedom in the back of a wagon driven by her Gen mother Hope Carson .

Mona – Slina's daughter.

Mrs. Young - She visited Abel Veritt's house when Hope and Marji Carson was there.

Risko - Worked for Slina and was injured during an attack from Wild Gens.

Sessly Bron - Sessly is Maddok Bron's sister and she takes over looking after Zeth when he turns up at Mountain Chapel looking for Owen

Taris - One of Slina's workers at her Pen.

Teri Layton - Attacked by a Sime who was one of the Raiders during the attack on Fort Freedom.

Tom Carson - Hope Carson's brother in-law.

Trent - One of the men of Mountain Chapel who was outside the barn ready to shoot the Sime inside.

Trev - A Sime Raider who catches ten-year-old Zeth Farris at Fort Freedom during an attack.

Trina Morgan - She shielded Hope Carson at Marji's changeover celebration.

Vern - Out- Territory Gen who lived in Mountain Chapel and was one of two men who were protecting Maddok Bron.

Webb Simmins - Out-Territory Gen living in Mountain Chapel.

Wik - Young boy that Abel Veritt had taken from the Pens on the day that Owen returned from his first trip out-Territory.

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