The emergence of the Sime's eight handling tentacles, four on each arm, and the four smaller lateral tentacles, two on each arm, at stage seven of changeover. Other physical changes have developed in the body leading up to this point.

See:Changeover and Tentacles for more details and placement of tentacles.

(Source:  Index card file, --- Unto Zeor Forever)  When the tentacles rupture the wrist orifice membranes and Need really hits in earnest.  To steal the moment of breakout from a changeover victim was morally a crime.  Such action could also cripple the Sime.  Digen uses a scalpel to slit Didi's membranes but would rather use a blunt instrument (his tentacles.)  ---  ((Digen was in Gen Territory and was wearing retainers and it was against the Gen retainer laws to remove them))