(Source: House of Zeor, Ch 3 ) 'Wherever there wasn't a window, case after ceiling-high case of books lined the walls. The wall behind Valleroy was one enormous, unbroken bookcase except for the huge double door by which they'd entered. And most of those books, thought Valleroy, looked old enough to be from the Ancients.' (Source: Zelerod's Doom ) When battle seemed inevitable, the precious book collection at Capital was sequestered.

(Source:  Index card file, House of ZeorHouseholdings seem to have quite a few books.  Zeor has "book-lined alcoves" in the corridor outside Hugh's room -- including school textbooks.

Grandfather's room is almost pure bookcases wherever there aren't windows -- most books are very old, perhaps of the Ancients.

Nashmar has a bookcase in his office.  Simes have apparently learned to read the Ancients' books:  "The books of the Ancients provide a great mountain of data..."

Unpublished Background:

Householding Invor, the Tecton Mint, also printed books.  Householding Frihil, that specializes in archeology and eventually xeno-archeology among the stars, collected and cherished many Ancient manuscripts and books, re-copying text in order to preserve it.  Also many books, scrolls and other documents were preserved and copied through the centuries by several of the hidden Schools such as Rathor.  Householdings, in general, retrieved and maintained reading and recreated newspapers and "broadsides" which were then eventually adopted by surrounding junct town cultures.