Appears in: Mahogany Trinrose

Gen - Donor - Female 

TN-1 (First Order) with a 4+ rating

Digen's older sister.

When Digen fled to Rior with Ilyana, Bett kept Zeor running.

(Source:  Index card file, Unto Zeor, Forever)  First Companion, Acting Head of Householding.  Only her nager had texture and power to compare with Ilyana's.  Not married at the time of Unto Zeor, Forever (132 Unity).  Asquith offers to trade Imrahan for her.  Takes over as interim Head of Zeor for a year when Digen disappears.  Promises to marry any Farris man they choose Sectuib, to keep family line unbroken.  This puts her in great danger of death in childbirth.  Digen sees this as her way of forcing him to come back. 

Acting Head when Digen became Sectuib. 

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