Various aspects of Sime, Gen and Ancient culture.

(Source:  Index card file, First Channel)  Barber shop in Reloc. A saloon in a border town, and gambling houses.

(Source:  Index card file, House of Zeor)  Sime <Householding>:  hand-crafted needlework hangings (almost tapestries) used like pictures as wall decorations.  Children in Zeor have musical instrument cases.  Rich mosaic floor.  Musical instruments are called "exotic," play at Hrel's disjunction party; impromptu dancing, including a snake dance at this party.

Klyd's "ornately embroidered" mantle.  Fancy designs for the Arensti Competition.  Quilts on Grandfather's bed. Hrel at funeral, wears a cloak "richly embroidered with the Zeor symbols."  "Prizes for sheer artistic perfection" : Nashmar says Imil's catalog will win these.  Klyd calls Hugh "the best artist this side of the river,"  he finds his worth as artist great.  Respect as Arensti designer; four days of work traded for Zinter.  Upstairs at Imil:  "Richly hung hallway" lined with statues that seemed to be Ancient antiques.

Imil --- school band, dance classes, choral group.

Inlaid and jeweled whip handle.

Gens:  Hugh says artists "usually starve."  In Gen civilization, art has a very low value. 

The in-Territory attitude is entirely different.  Two Houses make their economies based on their art.  Seriousness of  how simes take their art is shown by Arensti competition.  Art used on sime materials (clothing) is abstract. Hugh is treated well as a respected artist since the people of Imil are used to top quality art.  His talent can be traded for talent of a different kind at Imil. Hugh found he was "a respected craftsman whose services came at a high premium.  Klyd says, "Excentric behavior is expected of artists," and is apparently tolerated.  Hugh does charcoal sketches.

(Source:  Index card file, Unto Zeor, Forever).  Art:  Wood desk, ornate look of modern Gen carving.  "Ornate plaque": Diplomatic Corps sign. The Controller's front office had a thick carpet, gold upholstery, drapes.

Black velvet

High-backed wing chairs in Branoff's office

Symphony orchestra