Appears in:  House of Zeor

Famous artistic design competition that Hugh Valleroy wins the right to enter on behalf of the House of Zeor

"Arensti is a regional Competition of artisan's works from the various regional Householdings. A variety of media might be used in a submission. Textiles, sculpture, and artwork are just a few. Competing and winning at Arensti brings prestige to the Householding, and to the candidate who created the winning entry. Only the best of the best are submitted to and exhibited at Arensti. In "House of Zeor" (noted in the Wiki occasionally as HoZ), Hugh Valleroy was selected as their representative to the Competition." - Karen MacLeod, Editor, "A Companion in Zeor" (Source:

(Source:  Index Cards -- HOUSE OF ZEOR)  All the weavers In-Territory entered a designing comtest.  The winner gains prestige and the greatest share of sales during the coming year.  As Arensti designer, Hugh has prestige in Zeor, and can travel to Arensti with Klyd.  Zeor has won 7 times in the past.  The "date" of the competition is 7 weeks from "mid-October," which puts it in early to mid-December.