Instilling a reflex into a channel that can block the Kill reflex.  If the Kill reflex is invoked, the anti-Kill conditioning can abort the Kill reflex, which can cause anything from mild inconvenience (for a Tigue channel) to death (for a Farris channel).  Such conditioning is a function of the Vriamic node, thus limited only to channels.

(Source:  Index card file, marked UNTO-3 -- a draft of UNTO ZEOR FOREVER) Anti-Kill conditioning set off by barrier pain reflex (barriers up) conditioned against drawing selyn against Gen fear.  Can be overcome by force of will, at least to some extent (by Farris channels).  Must first be brought into play by an act of will, sometimes takes a great deal of courage.

As a learned reflex, the anti-Kill conditioning was weaker than the natural Kill reflex.  It took longer to function.  Digen could summon it through discipline of Zeor-trained Farris channel.  This SQUELCHES the Kill reflex.

Anti-Kill Conditioning is a sophisticated application of Transfer Abort developed into a generally usable procedure by Zeor and associated Householdings and mandated into common usage among all channels in the Tecton at the time of Unity.  (see Abort.)  With time, the Tecton develops the anti-Kill Conditioning (for most channels) into an involuntary reflex. 

Anti-Kill conditioning may be the only reason the Tecton was able to keep its promise at Unity that the channels sent out-Territory to collect selyn from the Gen populace would never Kill, thus establishing a sterling reputation for integrity for the Tecton, making the revelation of the Secret Pens all the more shocking and horrifying.