Appears in: House of Zeor

Sime – Male -- Possibly a junct channel

Cousin to Runzi, the leader of the Runzi Raiders.  Also see: Runzi and Runzi's Raiders

(Source:  Index card file, House of Zeor)  Very powerful person.  Highly placed in government.  Leader of the anti-Tecton faction. He is in a position to use Aisha to smash the Tecton and the Gen government. Devious and full of plans.

Description:  Medium build, well into middle age, mixed racial descent, pays painful attention to grooming. Confidently arrogant leader, very impressive.  Knows who Aisha is, and who Hugh is (Federal Policeman).  Uses types like the salesman at the Halfway House as spies and informants, also using Hrel and Enam as spies within Householdings.

Klyd has seen evidence that Andle was behind the raid on Zeor. Andle is all that holds his own anti-Tecton movement together.  Has expunged all leaders of ability from his organization so no one can take his place.

Seems to dislike the Kill, doesn't react properly to Aisha, uses drugs -- probably once attacked a Companion -- has a fixation on channel transfer, "symptom" of a junct channel.

Klyd thinks it possible Andle was directly responsible for Feleho's murder -- Andle seems to have a plan in all this:  to destroy Zeor, although he might have used Aisha more profitably.  He apparently put together the Runzi band, or would put one together to replace them.  He does seem to control them.