Appears in: Zelerod's Doom

simeDelicate - Male –

He is a renSime of the type Klyd terms 'delicate.'  His transfer mate is Enid Kaneko (ambrov Noam) and he left Noam when the Sectuib decreed they would not be allowed to become transfer mates.  They made a place for themselves and their lifestyle among juncts of the city who likewise coveted direct Gen transfer though they, themselves, were trapped in the junct lifestyle.  Ultimately unable to control the juncts who followed him, Amos gave his life in the attempt to maintain discipline among his followers when he led them among the ultimate temptation--Householding Gens.

(Source:  Index card file)  Formerly ambrov Noam.  After leaving Noam, he has his own group of supporters in Nivet --- allow Gen~renSime transfer --- high proportion of 'delicates.' Killed by his followers in Tecton meeting.