Book Seven of the Sime~Gen Universe.

By Jean Lorrah

When Sime Killed Gen, it was the normal way of things--after all, Gens weren't really people, were they? They existed only to provide Simes with life-giving Selyn. And then Risa Tigue, a Sime, injured and needing Selyn, stumbles on the trail of a Gen named Sergi ambrov Keon. Sergi is a Companion, a Gen who can control the transfer of Selyn without harming either Sime or Gen. In Risa, Sergi sees the potential for that rarest of beings, a Channel. But can Risa survive the transformation--and even if she can, can Simes and Gens learn to live together peacefully? This is the legendary romance of Risa and Sergi.

The cover of the re-print of Ambrov Keon


Original front and back covers of Ambrov Keon


Ambru - Shiltpron Player

Bethany ambrov Keon - Uzziah's transfer mate

Bess - Gen donor at Householding Keon

Brevit - One of the partners in the expedition across the Gen border in the search for metals

Carlos -  nonjunct sime taking transfer from Risa for the first time after her disjunction.

Dran Muller - Head man of the Sime crew loading up the remaining stock from Risa's store.

Dreela -  survive a raid from the juncts from the nearby town and managed to became a Companion. Dron ambrov Keon - Loid's son who changesover and is a channel

Erland ambrov Carre – Channe Sergi was escorting to Keon when his laterals were slashed during a storm.

Etta - One of Carre's renSimes, who accompanied Sergi in town.

Etti Pomeridge - She survived transfer burn in an attempted Kill.

Fivvik - One of Tannan Darley's men,

Joi Sentell - One of three women who sat together at Verla's parlor waiting to see the Householders.

Kreg - Risa's younger brother.

Litith ambrov Keon - Wife of Nedd, Sectuib in Keon. Litith acted as householding secretary.

Melli Raft - One of the farm wives sitting with Verla, in the saloon, waiting to see someone from the Householding.

Min - Carlos's wife

Miz Carder - A customer who comes to Risa's store.

Miz Frader - One of three women who sat together at Verla's parlor waiting to see the Householders. 

Morgan Tigue - Risa Tigue's father.

Nedd, Sectuib ambrov Keon - Sectuib in Keon prior to Risa.

Neski - One of three junct sime officers that arrive at Risa's house just after a looter was Killed by Sergi when he had to shen the sime out of a Kill attack.

Nikka - Runs the local government Gen Pen in Laveen.

Rang - Treesh's husband, who with Treesh bought the remaining inventory of Risa's store when she left for Carre. 

Risa (Tigue) ambrov Keon - Disjunct channel, Sectuib in Keon and the acknowledged leading figure in Gulf Territory.  Kreg's sister. Reesey is Morgan Tigue's pet name for Risa Tigue

Rikki - Keon channel with responsibility for maintaining the transfer schedule for the channels and Companions.

Saiter - Companion to Morningstar ambrov Mountain Bells.

Selitta - Specialises in selyn-powered automotive engine design.

Treesh - Rang's wife and mother to Alis and Jobob.

Triffin - A young Gen girl who Sergi and Risa tried to buy from a Gendealer's wagon train, but were refused because they were Householding perverts.

Tripp Sentell - Married to Joi Sentell.

Zabrina - Owner of the biggest saloon in Laveen.

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