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Appears in: Mahogany Trinrose

Child – Female

Digen Farris's Daughter and Heir Apparent of Householding Zeor. Goes through changeover to become a channel. Ercy is sixteen at the time of Mahogany Trinrose, 232 Unity.

Ercy prefered to be called Ercy Farris, using Aild when protocol required it. For more detailed information on AIld Ercy Farris, See Ercy Farris

From: Mahogany Trinrose, Ch 3: 'Her mother had given her the first name, Aild, usually a man's name, to honor a promise she'd made to her own father. But Ercy had never used the name and thought she never would. Now, however, she signed the form boldly: A. Ercy Farris.'